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    Clays & Supplies

    clay cups20210409_144046 PJN_0193 Clays & Supplies

    Shop our variety of Clays & Porcelain

    We offer unique clays in a variety of colors and styles, including IMCO' Dragon Fruit and Starry Night

    We carry more than 20 clay varieties, from porcelain, to speckled and black.

    We offer a wide selection of tools to create your perfect design

    What is pottery without amazing glaze colors with different effects

    Clays & Supplies

    Quyle Silverstone  $16
    Quyle Redstone $16
    IMCO Stoneware 1-C $14
    IMCO Starry Night $21
    IMCO Porcelain $25
    IMCO Night $20
    IMCO Navajo Wheel $15
    IMCO Great White $23
    WG IMCO Great White $23
    IMCO DC3-5 Flameware $35
    IMCO Dragon Fruit $19
    IMCO Spirit White, Low Fire $16
    Laguna Speckled Buff $16
    Laguna WC409 Cone 10 $17
    Laguna Frost Porcelain $25
    Laguna ^5 B-Mix $18
    Laguna ^10 B-Mix *** $17.50
    Recycled Clay 10# bag $7
    Hydrostone Plaster 50# $42

    • AMACO Potters Choice Glaze Line

    • AMACO Velvet Underglaze Line

    • Mayco Stroke and Coat Wonderglaze Line
      & Mayco Stone Ware Glazes

    • Leslie Ceramic Supply- Mid Fire Glaze &
      Under Glaze Line , As well as Dry Quantities For Dipping

    • Clayscapes  Signature Cone 6 glaze Line

    • Clayscapes Brooklyn Line, Dry powdered dippable quantities


    • Kemper Ceramic Tools and Ribs
    • Specialty Ceramic Tools
    • Dirty Girl Tools
    • Mr. Marx Products
    •  Lid Master Calipers


    Ribs, throwing Kits , Wires , Brushes , Bottles, Sponges, Stamps, textures , Rollers , Patterns, Calipers, Cutters , Sculpting Kits , Etc…

    Inventory Expanding Daily

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