We are so very pleased to be able to welcome everyone back to the studio.

That said, the ongoing Covid19 crisis creates an unprecedented environment.  We, the owners of Ogres-Holm Pottery, believe that the protection of our friends and family is our first concern. 
Our heartfelt thanks to everyone. 

Until further notice:

  • The studio will be open by appointment only during normal business hours.  10am to 6pm Monday thru Saturday.  Tuesdays, the studio will remain open until 8pm.

    • Appointments may be booked online at or by calling the studio to schedule

    • Appointments will be in 2-hour blocks.  You can schedule a maximum of 4 hours total with the option to extend your time if there is space available. 

      • Clean-up time is included and must be completed prior to the end of your appointment.

  • Occupancy limitation:  In addition to staff and owners;

    • Studio max is 6 people.

    • Gallery max is 2 people

  • Face coverings are required during regular business hours. 

    • Facial coverings must be in place prior to entering the studio.

    • There are no exceptions and, yes, the rule does include children.  No one will be allowed in either the studio or the gallery without some form of face covering.

    • We have a very limited supply of N95 rated masks available to our members who are without access to other sources of facial covering.  These will be available on a first come first serve basis.

  • The studio will provide wash buckets containing a mild bleach solution on each work table.  (1/3 cup bleach to each gallon of water, plus a bit of Dawn dish detergent)

    • All studio tools should be washed and dried off prior to returning them.

    • Per the CDC guidelines, tools should remain in this solution for one full minute.  Do not leave tools soaking in the wash tubs.


Workshops and Classes

We are revising our teaching methods to help keep everyone safe.  While we are working on this there will be limits on workshops and classes.  Workshops and classes are subject to studio occupancy listed above.

  • Workshops must be scheduled and are limited to individuals or small family groups

  • Walk in workshops are suspended until further notice

  • Wheel Throwing classes are suspended until further notice. 

  • Due to our occupancy limit we are not scheduling large group workshop at this time

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