Jo Moore

There’s an old Chinese root carving that sits in an antique cabinet at home. It’s weathered, rather
beat up, and of such exquisite detail that I spend hours looking at it through a magnifying glass.
In my art, I strive for the knowledge, skill, and patience to be worthy of the unknown artist who
created that piece.
I love the details. The last little flourish, tiny element, or bit of polishing that changes
everything. Working in clay lets me tie a lifetime of experiments in art into a single body of
“You leave a bit of self in every work and with each life you touch”. I don’t know who said it
first, but that statement has had a profound effect on my life. I create with my mind, heart, and
soul. From the simplest mug to the most elaborate works, every piece is an opportunity to learn,
to grow, and to share.

Merrill Moore

I am a potter. I work in clay. I am not an artist. I think of myself as a maker. I am inspired by nature, history, culture, by everyone and everything. I have no specific style. I want to try everything.


The physical, mechanical and chemical process involved with the making, trimming, glazing and firing of the clay fascinates me.


I like watching the joy and astonishment on peoples faces, especially kids - when they realize they actually made something with their own hands; this is the “soul” of making.


I believe everyone can be a maker, no matter what the medium.



Lucas Lamont

I don't remember when I wasn't creating something.


As far back as I have memories, anything in my hands had something else to become.


As a potter and artist in clay, my engineer, artist, and inner child have unlimited freedom to explore the limits of form and volume.


I am always ready to learn, explore, share, and celebrate clay.

(775) 461-3616

1215 S Carson St, Carson City, NV 89701, USA

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