Studio Dust

  • Fine silica dust from clays and glazes may be the most hazardous thing the studio.  

  • There are no brooms allowed in the studio.  

  • Use only wet sponges to clean work surfaces.

  • Use only the wet microfiber mops to clean the floor

  • Use only hepa filter bags in the studio vacuum.  

  • Wear a mask when changing vacuum cleaner bags.

  • We do not allow dry sanding or grinding of green ware, bisque or fired ware.

  • Always wet sand your ware.

  • If you are carving or cleaning your ware, use a container to keep trimmings off the floor.

  • There are dust trapping walk-off mats in and out of the studio, do not track dust into the mall.

Moldy Clay

  • Ceramic clay is a wet product and may contain organic material that will naturally mold.  

  • Clay mold does NOT present an air-born hazard while the clay is moist.

  • Clay mold is destroyed in the initial bisque firing.

  • Some potters actually find clay mold desirable, claiming it improves the plasticity of the clay.

  • If you are sensitive to mold, please let us know so that we can take steps to ensure that moldy bags of clay are not used while you are in the studio.

Cleaning Supplies

  • OHP uses only environmentally safe cleaning supplies such as Simply Green brands.

Wet Floors

  • Pottery is messy, we make mud and spills often happen.  Clean up spills as soon as possible and use caution in the area around wheels, work tables, glazing tables, and the wash sink.  

Material Safety Data Sheets

  • SDS and MSDS are stored in PDF format and can be printed or emailed to you upon request.

Food and Drink

  • No alcoholic beverages allowed in the studio!

  • There are no rules preventing you from keeping a drink nearby while you’re working.

  • Unless there is an event that involves food, we discourage eating while you work. Neither clay or glaze is particularly good for your digestion.

Clothing and Jewelry

  • Wear comfortable clothing that can get dirty in the studio. We do have pottery aprons that will protect your clothes if you want to drop in during your lunch.

  • We suggest you remove your bling before you play in the mud. The fine particles in clay can loosen or damage set stones. Rings and bangles can damage your work.

Nails and Manicures

  • OHP recommends short natural nails for working with clay. We are not responsible for damage to your manicure or artificial nails.

  • Working with clay will mangle your manicure. It’s not impossible to work with clay if you have long fingernails but it can be frustrating.  

  • Artificial Nails:  There is the potential for artificial nails to get ripped off when working on the wheel.

  • Artificial nails are prone to trapping waste, make sure you clean them well.  

Kiln Area

  • The Kiln area is a restricted. Only instructors and certified members are allowed in the kiln area.

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