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Tankards with a Twist Workshop

Join us Friday, November 11, from 6-9 p.m. for our Tankards with a Twist Workshop! Create your own custom ceramic tankard while enjoying two shared flights from our neighbors next door at The Beer Studio. Flights, friends, and fun are great ways to spend your Friday night.

Once the tankards are fired, glazed, and fired again, you can pick up your tankard, present it at The Beer Studio on your way out, and receive a free beer to fill your tankard with!

Tankards were originally known as any wooden vessel in the 13th century, and then later became known as drinking vessels. Tankards were popularly made from wood and then transitioned to other materials such as pewter with a see-through glass bottom, leather, and pottery.

A pewter tankard with a lid, beautifully detailed

Pewter, a metal mostly made of tin, was the most popular choice of material for tankards as it was a soft, durable metal that could easily be reshaped if dented or damaged. Pottery was not the first choice for tankards in European pubs for their fragility to easily break off dropped or slammed.

However, the mass production of Staffordshire Potteries in North Staffordshire in the 17th century, due to the wide availability of clay, salt, lead, and coal in the area, meant that ceramic tankards were mass-produced during this time.

Tankards fell out of fashion in the 1900s, repurposed as jugs as the large containers became less popular to use. A few pubs in the United Kingdom today will still serve their guests with tankards.

Create your custom tankards with us and enjoy your tankard for years to come, just like the Europeans used to!

This workshop is $125, with clay, studio tools, firings, glaze, and flights all included. No hidden or additional fees. We can’t wait to create with you!

You can sign up on our website here!

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